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Metaverse art exhibition

NEXT 3.0 @ Festiverse, Decentraland.
Saturday, April 23, 2022 


NFTribu’s wearable collection is a representation of the ancestral prehispanic deities. This legendary wearable collection is created by Latin American artists to honor their ancestral heritage.  All items in the collection have female and male versions. 


“Maxtlatl & Huipil”

Teleport your ancestral heritage into the metaverse with these multi gender skins.
You receive both with your purchase.

“Lele & Axolotl”

You will get a Lele doll and this cute Axolotl,  aka the Aztec salamander.
You receive both with your purchase.

Lele: Muñeca lele de Amealco, Querétaro
Axolotl,  aka the Aztec salamander.

"Asmej & icxitl"  (alas y pies)

These colorful  wings will help you move swiftly

In style through the metaverse, NFTribu style!

You receive both with your purchase.

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Tuesday 12/14/21 
Closing Party, 5pm CDT
RSPV @Decentraland 

NFTribu 2.0 and 2.5 ran for about one month at NFT Guru gallery in Decentraland. We have embarked on another nomad expedition. Join us!

Thursday 11/25/21  
10:30am CDT
RSPV @Decentraland 

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Clubhouse / Ibiza Poster Mafia Gallery

► The first instalemtent of NFTribu in Decentraland brought together pre-hispanic inspired art by Latin American Artists.

► Metaverse gallery walk

 Artists AMA

5:00pm CDT 


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