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Chile Diverso NFT

Chile Diverso

Chile Diverso is an OpenSea collection and Metaverse Exhibition featuring Chilean artists creating NFT art. This project commemorates a crypto art talk invitation by Chile's Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Patrimony Office.  This talk was part of CHEC 2021, Chile's Creative Economies Fair.

Chile Diverso includes a permanent OnCyber Virtual Gallery & OpenSea Collection. 


NFT Art Exhibition @ El Corral Digital, Cryptovoxels

Art by

Vj Deliria

Melania Macaya


Layla Pizarro

Dani Orlandi

Daniel Barrera

Jeannette Morris



METAVERSE Exhibition


CHEC 2021,

Creative Economies Fair

Guest Artist / Speaker

Chile Diverso NFTs
OpenSea Collection

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