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music poject

LOVE, NFT audiovisual project

-Music NFT / Etherium

-Music Video / Etherium

-Videoart loops / Tezos

-Times Square LOVE Collection / Etherium

-Remix Collection, Factory (defunct) pending remint.

-Metaverse Showcase / DCL, Spatial, Voxels


Conector, NFT Remix


Bugboy Scream, NFT Remix


Ultraruidoso, NFT Remix


Rob Dols, NFT Remix


OjovivoNFT Remix


TEZOS objkts

objkt logo.png

♥ A total of 22 LOVE objkts will be minted on tezos.

♥ Each LOVE objkt is 2.22 tezos, with two editions.

♥ LOVE tokens are available on TeiaOBJKT.

LOVE, Metaverse Audio Visual Showcase





Music has always been a source of inspiration in my life. As I grew older, I began exploring visual arts and went on to get a BFA in Fine Arts and Communication Design. Music remained a personal journey and it took me on a learning path, which I am still walking on today. As I entered the Veejay Jockey culture, music continued to influence my art. My Vj sets were directly influenced by the underground music scene where I presented my video art. As I began exploring the NFT space last year, 2021, I became inspired to share my creative process in terms of music and video production.


LOVE was written originally as a lyrical poem with several verses and a catchy chorus. Overtime, the composition arrangement changed. All the verses were removed leaving only the hypnotic LOVE chorus throughout the song. I worked with amazing audio engineers to finalize and master the completed project. I am very honored to have an incredible support system that has helped me get to this point. I am excited for the future of music NFTs and this work represents my small contribution to the NFT music scene.


This first LOVE drop includes the original song and music video. The second drop will feature remixes of this song after sharing the Stems with producers upon request. It is my goal to help onboard musicians to the space by collaborating on a remixes drop. Head out to my website to learn more about the second LOVE drop, the remixes. 


Special thanks to Pheek, Kike Mayor, Jason Foster, LJXK, Dan Dangler, friends, family and of course God!